Space is now a luxury



Because space is now a luxury, Wilson Plaza Villas are designed in the style of loft apartments, combining freedom of movement with privacy.


The perpetual communion between the interior space and the outdoor openings into the city gives the feeling of living in a truly special place, a nest, a quiet and intimate island in the heart of the busy metropolis.


The purity of the lines, the accuracy of the dimensions, and the light entering the Wilson Plaza offer a feeling of extraordinary transparency and brilliance.


The south of France is associated with sun, relaxation and al fresco dining with friends or family.


The Wilson Plaza offers an ingenious and poetic interpretation of this collective imagination. On the roof, these beautiful villas and their conservatories offer luxury in the heart of the city, and living spaces open out to the blue skies of Nice.


Forgotten are the tiny maids’ rooms in the attics of the Belle Époque and the poky rooms of bohemian students. The terraces of Wilson Plaza have chosen to rival Olympus.


By reconciling tradition and modernity, the verandas of the Wilson Plaza offer the ultimate luxury of a semi-outdoor space that can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Somewhere between a conservatory and a solarium, the terraces offer infinite possibilities. The magnificent views over the city combine the romantic vision of endless rooftops and the feeling of being at the center of the world, on the deck of a departing ship.